Why do so many people come to our part of the world on holiday, I wonder?

Maybe it’s because our area is very different from the places that they live in. We have rather flat lands that make for a big sky. We have beautiful sandy beaches and of course, the Broads, unique waterways in the glorious rural countryside, with all the wildlife in their natural habitat.

If or when you go on holiday, where might you choose to go? Perhaps going abroad to sunnier climes for a beach holiday is your choice, or going to places where the historic surroundings excite you. You may be thinking about camping with the family with all the joys and challenges that that brings, or going to stay with family. Wherever we might choose to go or whatever we might choose to do, holidays are meant to give us time out from everyday activities, time for refreshment, rest and relaxation, if at all possible.

Holidays are for body, mind and spirit, so if we forget the spirit part of the holiday we are not getting the most out of our holiday. Holidays for me are a time to read, and perhaps reflect a little; to enjoy time with Tim and to some extent put my feet up. Our last holiday was in the northwest of Scotland and I would recommend it to anyone (although it does take two days to get there if you are not going to arrive exhausted!). Walking and driving through the stunning scenery lifted our spirits and my heart sang with praise and joy to God for the beauty of his creation.

Photographs don’t do the scenery justice, but I thought I would share a few with you.

I am aware that there are many who are not able to go on holiday. How might we make a day or a week special if we are unable to go anywhere? Holidays involve stopping what we usually do and experiencing something different, maybe something new. When Tim and I had very little spare money, I would plan to take a picnic to the park for the children and arrange to meet friends there doing the same. We have tried an Italian day, including a beach day, where we have eaten food that we wouldn’t normally eat, and things like that. One of the things I love most about holidays is taking a book and enjoying it somewhere quiet and enjoyable. This year we were blessed with two days on the beach in the sun in Scotland, and it was a lovely place to sit and read, but Gorleston beach would be just as good for me, especially if there was a coffee or ice cream nearby!!

The Bible is full of verses that suggest and recommend that we take time to be still, to rest beside still waters, and to be still and know God. Holidays might be a great time, but we can do this whenever and wherever we might choose. I recommend it.