Commitment involves not just our heads, our hearts, and our hands but also our pockets. Where and how we spend our money is a fair indication of what is important to us.

As part of belonging, it is important that we plan regular giving to the church. Planned giving also helps the church to plan its finances too.

The Bible teaches us to give generously to God’s work with the expectation of a tithe (10% of income) being normal. It is between you and God that you decide your level of giving to be.

At All Saints, Belton, we take an offering. The collection basket is located at the back of the church. However, many people give through monthly Standing Order payments.

If you would like to use Standing Orders, please speak to the treasurer or download the form (also available from the giving desk at the back of the church near the sound desk).

There is also an envelope scheme that helps with regular giving. If you wish to have a set of envelopes, please speak to one of our Church Wardens or our Treasurer.