We think membership is a journey. Yes, we do have an electoral roll of church members, which we encourage all adults to join. But real membership is lived out through belonging to a community. The Bible describes the church as a body, with different parts fulfilling different functions. For us to be fully alive as a church each of us must play our part. No one person is more important than another and everyone has a role to play.

There are many people involved in our church life and many teams and rotas to make sure everything happens. If you wish to be more involved, we always appreciate help in the following ways:

  • Bible Readers
  • Musicians
  • Singers for Worship
  • Tea and Coffee Makers
  • Welcome Team
  • Sound (PA)
  • Audio Visual (Laptop operator)
  • Website Updater
  • Flower Arrangers
  • Churchyard Maintenance
  • Buildings Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Set up team

The following require training and/or CRB checks:

  • Prayer Ministry Team
  • Visiting
  • Youth Work
  • Sunday Club
  • School Assembly/Club Team